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Watch our demo video and let's understand how C3DNA works
DEMO #1 - Cloud Equalizer
Demonstration of C3DNA Cloud Equalizer

Demonstration of C3DNA Cloud Equalizer to State-fully Manage, Migrate and Scale workloads across hybrid clouds

DEMO #2 - Adobe Experience
Adobe Experience Manager Demo

This video shows how C3DNA manages an Adobe AEM environment

Intro - Infrastructure Independent, Dynamic Application, Lifecycle Management across Hybrid Clouds
This video introduces C3DNA's infrastructure agnostic, dynamic application lifecycle management across enterprise datacenters, private and public clouds. The unique features are:

1. Application lifecycle management obviates the need for infrastructure orchestration such as VM image motion. Multi-tiered applications are endowed with self-repair, auto-scaling, true-live migration with transaction consistency across existing datacenters, private and public clouds.
2. Application life-cycle management requires no changes to applications, middleware, OS or current infrastructure provisioning systems and processes.

DEMO #3 - On-CLick Deployment and Policy-Driven Management
This video demonstrates how C3DNA's hyper-cloud application platform is used in Cisco’s Intercloud to migrate a two-tier application from an existing server to the new platform and manage life-cycle QoS based on policies. The unique features are:

1. Auto-discovery of the two tier application,
2. Single-click GUI based or a blueprint defined or CLI based migration to the new platform and
3. On-demand or policy based application QoS management with self-repair, auto-scaling and live-migration from Cisco Cloud to an AWS cloud

DEMO #4 - DB Migration without Transaction Loss
This video demonstrates a 3-tier transaction intensive application deployed in Cisco’s Intercloud withy life-cycle QoS management. The unique features are:

1. Self-repair, auto-scaling and true-live migration of database within the Intercloud or across Intercloud and AWS cloud,
2. True-live migration by moving the database alone with a configuration consistent with recovery time objective and recovery point objective.
3. Synchronization and application load-balancing across multiple databases with auto-scaling

DEMO #5 - Live migration of MySQL
True-live migration of MySQL database without loosing transactions

This video shows true-live migration of MySQL database from Cisco Intercloud to Amazon Cloud without loosing transactions and without moving VM images across clouds. Only the data is moved without losing transactions