The C3DNA Platform
Blueprint and Policy-Driven, Cloud-Independent, Dynamic Application Lifecycle Management
C3DNA brings end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to enterprise private or hybrid clouds. Existing as well as new cloud-native applications can be on-boarded, deployed across clouds, and then managed via policies to provide application-centric visibility and dynamic real-time management with instant cross-cloud mobility.
  • Migration of existing apps to the cloud
  • Deployment of cloud-native apps
  • Blueprint and Policy-driven Dynamic ALM
  • Instant Cross-Cloud Mobility triggered by Policies
  • Ensures application high availability (HA), resilience, disaster recovery (DR) and security, all independent of infrastructure
  • GUI and CLI-driven interfaces with role-based access controls
Key Platform Features
Blueprint-based Application Lifecycle Management & Automation
Enables developers to use simple JSON or YAML-based blueprints to define applications, compose workflows and specify intent. Application deployment and management is automated using policies.
Post-Deployment, Run-Time Control via Dynamic Policies
Using C3DNA, deployed applications can be modified, updated, then managed dynamically in real-time via policies.
Multi-Cloud Support with Instant Cross-Cloud Mobility
C3DNA uses its patented Cognitive Application Management Platform (CAMP) and Application Area Network technologies to enable instant application workflow migration.
Transaction-Level Application Visibility
C3DNA monitors the entire application workflow, and collects and correlates application-specific information at the transaction level from every component of the workflow to provide users stateful or stateless migration.
Application Resilience Independent of Infrastructure
C3DNA monitors the entire application workflow and reacts to application-specific events by state-fully relocating the relevant pieces of the workflow without depending on infrastructure-specific management or APIs.
Role-based Graphical (GUI) and Command Line (CLI) Interfaces
C3DNA provides developers with a CLI interface and operators and managers with a GUI interface along with the ability to enforce role-based access controls based on applications or infrastructure.