On-board, Deliver and Manage Applications on your Terms
Put application delivery and management in the hands of the application owners
Enhance Operational Agility with NoOps
Improve Efficiencies, Eliminate Dependencies and Enhance Operational Agility through Automation

NoOps is fundamentally about abstracting application deployment and delivery from dependencies on infrastructure operations and management. Blueprints and policies are used to establish the process by which developers and IT can interface with each other.

By implementing NoOps, enterprises will simply be able to create a clean separation between the developer and operations roles enabling each party to focus on what they do best.

Ultimately, the goal for an organization using NoOps is to gain operational agility and efficiencies by completely automating the deployment, delivery, monitoring and management of applications independent of infrastructure.

End the Legacy vs. New Debate
Deploy and Manage all Application Types on your OpenStack Cloud

The C3DNA Platform enables both cloud-native applications (Cattle) and Tier-1 Enterprise applications (Pets) to be on-boarded and managed on OpenStack using a blueprint and policy driven approach. Existing Legacy Tier 1 applications can now be moved to a next-generation enterprise private cloud without modification and managed alongside cloud-native applications with VMware-like Application-HA, Fault-Tolerance, and Application Mobility capabilities.

The C3DNA model was designed to not require enterprises to adopt or conform to a specific application architecture model - thereby helping prevent lock-in. Instead the platform clearly separates the specification of functional requirements from the non-functional requirements. This allows developers to develop as they please with the tools and languages they prefer while enabling operators to dynamically manage application policies such as Scaling, HA/DR, Fault Tolerance, and Security requirements at runtime.

How C3DNA enables NoOps for All Application Types
Infrastructure Independence through Blueprints, Policies, Monitoring and Automation

C3DNA's Application-Centric automation provides application deployment, delivery and management for both legacy and new cloud-native applications on OpenStack Private or Hybrid Clouds.

To enable infrastructure-independent automation, the platform leverages its Meta-Container Technology which serves to abstract application processes from the underlying infrastructure. This abstraction not only helps monitor the application processes it hosts but also enables instant mobility for application processes across any infrastructure.

Developers and operators use Blueprints and Application-centric Policies to specify and delineate an application workload's functional requirements from its non-functional requirements.

A Blueprint specifies the configuration for each component that comprise the overall application workload as well as the relationships between its various component processes.

Using blueprints, developers can define an entire application workload and deploy it using pre-defined but modifiable Policies that stipulate the non-functional requirements for enterprise applications.

Additionally the C3DNA NoOps Platform uniquely enables operators or business owners to modify or apply completely new policies post-deployment. To enforce policies the platform continuously monitors the overall Service and its individual components and takes automated action by reconfiguring or relocating meta-containers in order to correct any deviations from desired policies.

The C3DNA NoOps Platform is unique in its ability to enforce application behavior dynamically through application-centric policies that manage the application independent of the infrastructure - allowing policy-based application mobility in real-time across any cloud without modification or additional API integration.

What C3DNA brings to your Enterprise
C3DNA puts application delivery and management in the hands of the application owners and still provides IT operations and Line of Business Owners the visibility and control they need.
Application On-boarding
C3DNA uniquely enables the on-boarding of many legacy applications on OpenStack without the need for VM image conversion. Both new and legacy applications can be managed via dynamic policies
App-Centric Visibility
C3DNA provides application developers and owners with an end-to-end app-centric view of resource usage and performance metrics in real-time.
Business Agility and Application QoS
C3DNA enables applications to be dynamically managed via policies at runtime i.e. after deployment, either by the application owner or by the business owners.