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Our Mission

We seek to mobilize global enterprises for a new era of cognitive computing and communications.

Since 2012 the company has been pioneering breakthroughs in distributed computing, resilient
networks and sentient clouds - the building blocks for autonomous application networks.

The growing patent portfolio and use cases reflect our thought leadership and advanced
capabilities in the rapidly converging information and communication industries.

The Team

Leadership Team

Max P. Michaels
President & CEO

C3DNA is led by Max Michaels as its President and Chief Executive Officer. As the President, Max sets the strategic direction of the company and manage all aspects of its financing, investments and cross-border operations. As the CEO he is responsible for building and managing a team of engineers and sales professionals to serve the company’s growing customer base. As a member of the Board he works closely with other board members on corporate governance and investor relations.
Max brings over 20 years of senior leadership experience in information and communication technologies to the Company. He joined C3DNA from IBM, where he led a 3,000 strong team as the chief executive of its Network Services division. Previously he held executive roles at AT&T and CISCO spanning corporate strategy, business development and sales operations. Before embarking on a corporate career, Max worked at McKinsey & Co., as a consultant and Morgan Stanley as an investment banker. He earned a Masters degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kumar Malavalli

Dr. Malavalli is an early investor in C3DNA and serves as the Chairman of its Board. He is the co-founder of Brocade Communications and the inventor of Fiber Channel, an evolutionary technology that enabled the development of a large industry based on storage area networks (SAN). During his tenure as the CTO, Brocade emerged as a global corporation valued at over $30 billion. He is highly regarded in Silicon Valley as a farsighted venture investor, and a smart humanitarian promoting digital inclusion and Asian Arts.

Dr. Rao Mikkilineni
Co-inventor and Chief Scientist

Dr. Rao, as the Chief Scientist at C3DNA is currently developing Autonomous Application Networks. Over the past 30 years he has held various positions at AT&T Bell Labs, Bellcore, and US West. He has also played key roles at companies like Network Programs Inc. and Comstock Systems that were acquired. In his pursuit for a new computing paradigm he launched C3DNA, and co-authored several patents, four of which have already been granted. He is an impactful speaker and author with over 100 publications. He earned a PhD in Physics at University of California under the guidance of Nobel Laureate Walter Kohn.

Dr. Giovanni Morana
Co-inventor and Head of R&D

Dr. Morana, as the head of research at C3DNA is currently pioneering the development of a new class of Autonomous Application Networks that will change the way we manage our information technologies in the future. Over the past 10 years he has, in his pursuit for a new computing paradigm, co-authored several papers, given several talks in various conferences and developed a new distributed computing platform at C3DNA which enables self-managing workloads across a federation of distributed computing infrastructures. He has several patent applications in progress. He is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author with over 30 publications. He earned a PhD in Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering at University of Catania, Italy

Surendra Keshan

Surendra Keshan leads technology and solution development at C3DNA. He joined the company from VISA, where he led cloud migration, orchestration and automation. He holds 12 patents in the space and brings over 20 years of global experience in design, implementation and management of complex enterprise IT infrastructures from his experiences at CenturyLink, Sun Microsystems and Digital Equipment.

Extended Team

Dr. Daniele Zito
Manager of R&D

Dr. Zito has been leading our research and development team for the past three years. Previously he has served several technology companies in the roles of Software Developer, Software Architect and VP of Engineering. His is an internationally regarded expert in the design and optimization of distributed systems. Dr. Zito's skills include: design of scalable and robust distributed applications; design of middleware for heterogeneous resources; management of distributed databases; management of cloud and multi-cloud environments. He carried out research at the University of Catania, where he taught Object-Oriented Programming, Operating Systems and Design of Distributed Systems. He earned a PhD and a Masters degree in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering from University of Catania, Italy. His doctoral thesis uncovered new applications of DIME computing model to solve scaling, resiliency and efficiency issues in distributed systems. He has published over thirty scientific papers in peer-reviewed international Journals and Conferences.

Dr. Giovanni Cammarata
Senior Product Architect

Dr. Giovanni Cammarata has been our Senior Product Architect for the past five years. His advanced skills include: design of scalable and robust routing solution for wide-area networks; design of scalable middleware for distributed resources; management of cloud and multi-cloud environments. He earned a PhD and a Masters degree in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering from University of Catania, Italy. His doctoral thesis developed meta-heuristic, bio-inspired algorithms for dynamic configuration and routing on Software Defined Networks. He has published five scientific papers on peer-reviewed, international Conferences.

Kamel Kerbib

Kamel heads customer advocacy for the C3DNA in Europe. He is an entrepreneurial IT professional with a long track record of success in international sales management, channel Management and business development. Worked at start-ups, medium size high-tech companies and big names, and have a strong track record of achieving sales targets. Experience selling in a direct, channel and hybrid sales model and developing strategic partnerships. Highly self-motivated, result oriented, and customer focused, with well developed management skills to lead and motivate sales teams to deliver results. He is a co-founder and the CEO of Clougnitive headquartered in Paris.

Bernard Salvan
Associate Partner

Bernard is the Co-Founder and CTO of Clougnitive Technology Incorporated. As a technology addict he is very passionate to help organizations with latest technologies. Over the past 30 years he has held various Technical, Business Development and Product Marketing Managing positions at EMC and Data General. At EMC, he was the EMEA Senior Product Marketing Director of the Unified Storage Division, one of the core product divisions (over $4B Revenue). At Data General, he was Technical Pre-Sales Director and member of the board for the French subsidiary. In his pursuit for new disruptive technologies he launched CTI. Bernard holds a Post-Master in Computer Science from the University of Sorbonne, Paris - France.


At C3DNA we are actively working on innovative high impact software solutions that will likely change the face of computing while enabling real competitive differentiation for our customers. Our culture promotes a collaborative environment that encourages initiative and embraces diversity, fairness and respect for each other. We work hard and play hard.

If you are a customer focused, hands-on, problem solver that is interested in working with with an intelligent, fun loving team to solve real world customer problems with innovative, cutting edge computing technology, we would love to talk to you. Please contact us at

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